Unlocking Greatness: Fight Mediocrity With Mary Rector
49 min

Unlocking Greatness: Fight Mediocrity With Mary Rector

Experience life-changing advice from BTC’s Founder and Creative Director Mary Rector (@marybehindthechair). Learn how to achieve greatness from Mary’s 24 years of building behindthechair.com, including the misfortunes and mistakes that catapulted her success. Coming from humble beginnings in a small Illinois town, Mary will take you through her childhood struggles to BTC’s legacy today while teaching you tips to avoid burnout, ways to be present and be your best self every single day.

You Will Learn

How to embrace discomfort to catapult personal growth 

Ways to fight mediocrity in a world that encourages it 

Acceptance tips and concrete steps to propel yourself forward

Ways to identify the friends and coworkers that will bring you up or pull you down

How to give yourself permission to believe in your dreams and make them a reality

Methods to relieve parental guilt for investing in your career



Introduction & Personal Background


Career Growth & the Importance of Hard Work


Early Career Advice & Sacrifice


Doing Everything With Excellence


Managing Early Success


Dealing With Negativity & Maintaining Focus


Parenting Advice


Building & Leading a Winning Team


Current Business Climate & Opportunities


Personal Reflections & Conclusion

Course Highlights

Your Biggest Superpowers Are Your Sacrifices & Struggles

New Stylists: The Power of a Mentor

The Best Time to Take a Chance Is NOW

What It Takes to Live Your Best Life